Business Insourcing

When the time comes for your company to consider insourcing in the Nordic Market, you can count on DigiHouse Nordic to be your trusted partner in this endeavor. Our insourcing support services include:

Office Location Assistance

Finding the right office space in a new market can be challenging. We leverage our local knowledge and network to help you secure a suitable location that aligns with your business objectives.

Talent Acquisition

Building a talented and motivated team is crucial for success. We assist in recruiting the right people for your insourced operations, ensuring that you have a skilled workforce ready to drive your business forward.

Legal and Compliance

Navigating local employment laws and regulations is essential when insourcing. Our experts ensure that your operations remain compliant with all relevant Nordic labor laws and regulations.

Operational Setup

We help streamline the setup of your insourced operations, from establishing infrastructure to setting up processes and workflows.

Training and Development

Ensuring that your team is well-equipped for success is a priority. We offer training and development programs tailored to your specific needs, empowering your employees to excel in their roles.

The right decision if you want to enter the Nordic market